July 12, 2007

Government Theft

Having proposed giving HMRC the power to raid peoples bank accounts should they not like the look of them it also wants the power to steal peoples money if it does not think it is being used properly.

If you don't like the car analogy that Dizzy used then here is another one. You have some money, you stick it under your mattress. Not having any need to spend that money (which was why you stuck it under the mattress) you don't touch it for a while. One day you find your door has been smashed down and the money under the mattress stolen. Clearly there has been a burglary. They only difference between this obvious theft and what Gordon Brown is proposing is that you have agreed with the bank to use their mattress rather than your own. Is that really so hard for people to understand?

As an excuse for this theft for 'social good' is used. There is a problem with this, the money is already being used for social good. That was part of the original agreement with the bank. It could be being used to create jobs, creating infrastructure, or helping people buy themselves a home. It could be in this country or more probably the developing world where the need for money is greater. There is no need for the government direct where it goes as it is already where it will be most useful. The only thing that government intervention can do is stop it going where it is most useful to people, and make it go where it is most electorally useful to the politicians in government instead.


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